UTEC Systems is one of India’s leading companies in the field of automatic washroom equipment and stainless steel washroom accessories. Headquartered in the national capital region (NCR), UTEC has a distribution network spanning most parts of India. Being well established for the last 20 years, we possess a dynamic combination of an innovative company and technical expertise of the pioneers. Our range of products is tagged with an unconditional commitment to quality. At UTEC, we dedicate special importance to the appropriate functioning, the ergonomics and the adaptability of our equipment, combining these aspects with latest designs that adapt to whichever chosen style. Most importantly, our introduction can be summed up as the trust & the faith of our esteemed customers.

Our Services

UTEC Systems is a specialist in providing high quality and environmentally friendly sensor-based washroom products and stainless steel washroom accessories.We believe in providing our clients with innovative solutions, which can help greatly improve their quality of hygiene while minimizing the impact on the environment and adding a modern touch to any washroom.

We offer a wide range of urinal sensors, toilet flushing systems, sensor taps, liquid soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, waste receptacles, grab bars for handicapped individuals etc. The dynamic combination of high-quality materials, innovative technologies and eye-catching designs has made UTEC a favourite with the developers, end consumers as well as the interior designers.

Our Vision

UTEC SYSTEMS prides itself as a company that delivers best-in-class products and service while fostering an environment of collaboration and continuous learning.
All our products are tagged with an unconditional commitment to quality. Architects, Designers, Building Owners, Facility Managers & Construction Professionals have come to rely on UTEC as a full-range supplier of high-quality products that are appropriately priced, easy to install, easier to use and exceptionally durable. UTEC stands for Design, Sustainability and total peace of mind.

Most importantly our customers make UTEC what we are today.